FAQs for Digital Membership Cards

When will I receive my membership cards?
Plimoth Plantation digital membership cards are downloadable to your mobile device. After purchasing your membership, you will receive a confirmation email with your digital passes attached. The membership card can be saved to your phone or added to your mobile wallet.

How do I access my digital membership?
You can access your digital membership on your mobile device after receiving your confirmation email. If you are unable to access your digital pass, primary named members can simply show a photo ID at admission.

How do I use my membership?
Your downloadable digital membership card is sent to the email you associate with your member account.

How do I add the membership card to my iPhone?
Access the email from your smartphone and click the "Download" button, then click "Add to Wallet" and "Add." The card will automatically go to your iPhone’s Apple Wallet. It can be accessed in Wallet at any time.

How do I add the membership card to my Android phone?
Android users need to download Wallet Passes from Google Play. After you have the app, access the email from your smartphone and click “Download” in the membership email, and the card will automatically go to your Wallet Passes app, where it can be accessed at any time.

My family member is on this membership account also, how can she/he receive the card?
Navigate to the back of the card (click the small "i" or the three dots ("...") on the front) and use the “Share Pass” button to send the card to your secondary member.

I downloaded my card but I can’t find it.
If you have an iPhone, the card will automatically download to Apple Wallet. Check the app for your new card (scroll through any cards that are already there--it may be hiding!). If you have an Android, you’ll need to download Wallet Passes from the Play Store prior to downloading the card.

Will I receive a hard copy of my membership?
No. Your digital membership card is all you need. For environmental purposes, we have decided to transition away from printing and mailing paper cards.

My membership is still valid but I no longer have access to my pass. Can it be replaced?
Digital memberships can be resent to your email for download. Please contact members@plimoth.org

Can my friends or family members use my membership if I am not going?
No, memberships are non-transferable. Only the person(s) named on the membership may enter our sites using the pass. Members may be asked to show a valid photo ID along with their digital membership card.

I have recently moved/have a new email address. How do I update my record?
Please send an email with your new contact information to members@plimoth.org.

I don’t have a mobile / smart phone, what can I do?
Please contact members@plimoth.org to inquire about options for physical cards.

I have a question about my membership benefits.
Please contact the Membership office at (508) 756-1622 x8223 or members@plimoth.org with any membership related questions.