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Lesson Ideas & Field Trip Resources

Plimoth's online resources can help you plan a lesson or classroom unit and prepare your students for a field trip or a school or outreach program. We also provide resources for students, including student-friendly research materials, an interactive online exploring Thanksgiving called You are the Historian, and virtual exhibits featuring objects from our Museum's collections

History in a New Light: Illuminating the Archaeology of Historic Patuxet & Plimoth 

This virtual exhibit demonstrates how the modern town of Plymouth has been shaped by the ways humans have lived along these shores for thousands of years, and how this land continues to reveal stories of a transcultural Indigenous-Colonial regional society. 

A Civil Body Politic: the Mayflower Compact 

Explore 17th-century civics and community building when you reimagine one of America's founding documents in your classroom from Plimoth and PBS Learning Media.   

Plague in Indigenous Patuxet, 1616 - 1619 

Hear from Native historians about epidemics that devastated the Northeast coast before the Mayflower arrived from PBS Learning Media

Thanksgiving Interactive: You Are the Historian​ ​

​The award-winning interactive activity where kids become history detectives to solve the mystery of what really happened at The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Virtual Field Trip-Scholastic Webcast

This 30-minute video is a recast of Scholastic's "Virtual Field Trip to Plimoth Plantation" that aired to over 1 million students on November 16, 2010.

The Wampanoag Way 

This 8-minute video from Plimoth and Scholastic News explores the Wampanoag - a Native American tribe from the northeastern United States. They were there when the Pilgrims arrived in 1620 and they are still there today. Learn about their lives long ago by meeting two modern-day Wampanoag girls. Perfect for grades 1-3. 

Interwoven: a podcast from Plimoth Plantation

Interwoven explores the ways stories weave through generations, communities, and cultures to inform our contemporary lives. Rooted deep in the 17th century, Interwoven expands beyond the relationships between the Wampanoag people and the Pilgrims to discuss larger cross-cultural interactions of the very people who lived along these shores of change. Interwoven is available for streaming and download on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Plimoth and Patuxet Ancestors

Biographical information on the Pilgrims. This is a great resource for teachers who have students research Pilgrim individuals or families.  Also, check out the great essays on children in Plymouth Colony.

For more Teacher Resources, visit our online Museum Shop. Remember, teachers receive a 10% discount on educational materials.


National History Day 

Plimoth Plantation is proud to support National History Day, and we are excited to work with students and teachers on projects that explore America’s early beginnings - both Colonial and Indigenous. Here are a few Plimoth and Historic Patuxet related project ideas:

  • The 1621 Harvest Feast (otherwise known as the “First Thanksgiving”)
  • The Bridgewater Purchase (1656)
  • King Philip’s War
  • Nature in Plymouth Colony and the Wampanoag Homeland
  • The stories of Tisquantum (Squanto), Epenow, Coneconam, and other Native people kidnapped and then sold into slavery in Europe
  • The impact of Mayflower’s arrival in New England (1620)
  • European-Indigenous Diplomacy and Community Building in early New England
  • The Pilgrims as Immigrants
  • Religion in Early New England

For more information and online resources, visit www.plimoth.org/historyday


Professional Development & Teacher Workshops 

Designed to excite and inspire teachers, our programs blend classroom instruction with hands-on, experiential activities and visits to the Museum’s living history sites! Our professional development programs draw upon the expertise and wealth of resources that make Plimoth Plantation one of the most well-known and respected living history museums in the country. Workshops are taught by Native and non-Native presenters. In addition to covering historical content that meets state and national curriculum standards, workshops also address the processes of studying American History and effective methods for incorporating museum resources into the classroom.  Whether a two hour in-service or a two- or three-day program at Plimoth Plantation, let us design an authentic, stimulating and innovative program for your group. A perfect fit for groups studying Plymouth Colony history, early Colonial history, Native American history, immigration, and cultural interactions.


Workshops can include:

  • Presentations by Museum staff and historians
  • Primary source document workshops (Mayflower Compact, 1621 Treaty, The First Thanksgiving)
  • Hands-on, historic workshops (Wampanoag artifacts, Wampanoag pottery, Colonial cooking, Colonial games)
  • Visits to the Museum’s living history sites (Mayflower II, 17th Century English Village, Wampanoag Homesite, and Craft Center)
  • Historic Dining (“A Taste of Two Cultures,” “A Wampanoag Social Feast” and “Eat Like a Pilgrim”)
  • Teaching Materials (teachers receive 10% discount on educational materials in our shops)
  • An overnight experience at the Museum (some of our groups have slept on Mayflower II and our Colonial and Wampanoag education sites)

New England Historic Site Collaborative (NEHSC)

Plimoth Plantation is pleased to be a part of the NEHSC, a group of nine New England historic sites, museums, and libraries collaborating on a series of weeklong teacher training programs. For more information, visit the NEHSC or download the NEHSC workshop brochure. The programs offer a variety of hands-on, intensive and engaging experiences and explore themes of:

  • Colonial Encounters
  • The American Revolution
  • Slavery and Reform
  • 19th-century Industry 


Teacher Partner Program

Planning your next field trip? New England K-12 educators can sign up for our Teacher Partner Program to come for a planning visit and enjoy free admission to the Museum’s main living history exhibits and our STEM exhibits at the Plimoth Grist Mill as well as discounts on professional development, teacher resources, and more! PPM Teacher Partners can enjoy free admission for one planning visit per academic year. For more information or to reserve a program for your students, call us at (508) 746-1622, ext 8359, email us at programs@plimoth.org, or make an online reservation request.