Coloring Pages

Do you love visiting Plimoth? Can't wait for your next school trip or family vacation? Download these fun coloring pages to keep you busy while you plan your next visit to our Museum! (Click the picture for a downloadable PDF).






Felix and His Mayflower II Adventures tells the story of Mayflower II's Atlantic crossing through the eyes of the the black and white kitten named Felix who sailed on Mayflower II in 1957. Felix was a real kitten and an honorary member of Mayflower II's sailing crew-- that's one lucky cat! Order the book online, or grab a copy from our giftshop, and be sure to download these coloring pages to hang on your fridge!

Mayflower II Sails to Plymouth

Felix and the Flying Fish

Mayflower II Sails Away

Felix Comes Home


Adjacent to our Grist Mill is a fish ladder that herring use each spring. Print out and color your own herring!

           Herring Fish