Programs for Homeschools

Homeschool family making Wampanoag pottery

The Pilgrims taught their children reading and writing at home. The Wampanoag used the natural world as an outdoor classroom where they could teach life skills. The Museum is an ideal place to let your children explore the past by being curious, interacting with Museum staff, and trying new things.  

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2018 Homeschool Days

Spend the day in the 17th century! Homeschool Students and their Families are invited to visit our Living History Exhibits including the 17th-Century English Village, Wampanoag Homesite, and Plimoth Grist Mill for a discounted admission rate.

     May 3, 2019

     September 6, 2019

     October 4, 2019

Pre-registration and payment are required before arrival.  Please call Program Services at (508) 746-1622 x 8359 or email

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Overnights at Plimoth Plantation

Our popular overnight programs are available during our regular museum season (mid-March through November) and include full museum admission for two days, themed dining, a series of hands-on history workshops, modern sleeping accommodations, and a continental breakfast.

To reserve your place in history, please call Program Services at (508) 746-1622 x 8359 or email!

Colonial Overnight

What was life like for a Pilgrim in Plimoth Colony? After eating a Colonial New England dinner, you will experience an English child’s life by writing with a quill pen and playing some of the games children would have played in the 1620s. Take a nighttime walk with your Museum Teacher to discover the sights, sounds, smells and stories of Plimoth Colony after dark (weather permitted).

Wampanoag Overnight

Explore, create and learn about Wampanoag culture with a Native Museum Teacher! Your group will learn about Wampanoag culture from a Native perspective. You will share a Wampanoag feast, visit a wetu (a Wampanoag home), experience 17th-century Native life with a hands-on artifact and game activity, and use traditional materials and techniques to craft something you can take home.

Bicultural Overnight

Discover 17th-century Plymouth life from both Colonial and Wampanoag perspectives during our bi-cultural overnight! Your group will share a meal of traditional Wampanoag foods and Colonial recipes. You will experience each culture by playing 17th century games and creating something to take home with you. Finally, take a walk through the grounds with your Museum Teacher and discover the nighttime sights, sounds and stories of New Plimoth/Patuxet (weather permitted).

Deluxe Family Overnight

Play in the past during an exclusive overnight at Plimoth Plantation! You will step into the world of the Pilgrims for a night by dressing up in colonial costumes, helping to make a delicious hearth-cooked meal, and playing games that the settlers would have known from their homes in England. Enjoy a behind the scenes tour of our English Village and bed down for the night in a reconstructed Pilgrim house to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of an evening in early Plimoth Colony! 


Field Trips

Opportunities for learning and discovery abound at Plimoth Plantation’s living history sites. Come on your own, or as a group. Groups of 15 or more who reserve in advance receive a group discount. Visit our Field Trip Page to learn more.  

Field Trip Enhancement Workshops

Bring a group of friends and arrange for a special Wampanoag or Pilgrim hands-on activity. Find out about our Hands-on Workshops here.

We Can Visit You!

Can’t make it to us? We’ll bring the past to you. Invite a Colonial role player or a Native museum teacher to your homeschooling group. Learn more at We Can Visit You

For more information or to book with us,  please call Program Services at (508) 746-1622 x 8359 or email or make an online reservation request


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