Teacher Professional Development

Hands down, the best professional development opportunity I’ve ever had!

Teachers learn to row the Mayflower II ship's boat during a professional development workshop

Designed to excite and inspire teachers, our programs blend classroom instruction with hands-on, experiential activities and visits to the Museum’s living history sites! Our professional development programs draw upon the expertise and wealth of resources that make Plimoth Plantation one of the most well-known and respected living history museums in the country. Workshops are taught by Native and non-Native presenters. In addition to covering historical content that meets state and national curriculum standards, workshops also address the processes of studying American History and effective methods for incorporating museum resources into the classroom. Recent workshops include Landmarks of American History Summer Institute and Teaching American History (TAH) partnerships with dozens of schools from across the country. 

To book a professional development program, please submit an online program request form. You may also email programservices@plimoth.org or call (508) 746-1622 x8358 for additional information. Workshops are flexible and easily adapt to any grade level or area of interest. All are welcome! 

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Beyond Mayflower: New Voices from Early America (July 26 - August 9, 2020)

Explore new voices and historical perspectives that are rapidly changing the way we understand and teach Indigenous and colonial history and its continued significance today! Join Plimoth Plantation and expert faculty from colleges, universities, and tribal communities across the country for a two-week NEH Summer Institute for Teachers. 

This NEH Summer Institute will bring together innovative thought leaders from the nation’s classrooms, dig sites, archives, and museums in the place where Mayflower’s arrival set in motion a series of events that permanently changed a complex and interconnected network of Indigenous communities, each with its own rich cultural traditions, challenges, and aspirations. This humanities-driven historical case study uses a diverse set of primary sources including archaeology, landscape, material culture, oral history, and written documents to reveal how an Indigenous-colonial regional landscape was built, evolved through collaboration and conflict, and ultimately dissolved politically and culturally.

For more information or to apply for the NEH Summer Institute, Beyond Mayflower, visit www.beyondmayflower.org


We also offer:

Individual Registrant Workshops

Customized Group Programs (including TAH)

Week-long Packages with the
New England Historic Sites Collaborative (NEHSC)

For more information or to book with us, please call (508) 746-1622 ext. 8359, email programs@plimoth.org or make an online reservation request

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Customized School, District or TAH Grant Programs

Whether a two hour in-service or a two- or three-day program at Plimoth Plantation, let us design an authentic, stimulating and innovative program for your group. A perfect fit for groups studying Plymouth Colony history, early Colonial history, Native American history, immigration, and cultural interactions.

Workshops can include:

  • Presentations by Museum staff and historians
  • Primary source document workshops (Mayflower Compact, 1621 Treaty, The First Thanksgiving)
  • Hands-on, historic workshops (Wampanoag artifacts, Wampanoag pottery, Colonial cooking, Colonial games)
  • Visits to the Museum’s living history sites (Mayflower II, 17th Century English Village, Wampanoag Homesite, and Craft Center)
  • Historic Dining (“A Taste of Two Cultures,” “A Wampanoag Social Feast” and “Eat Like a Pilgrim”)
  • Teaching Materials (teachers receive 10% discount on educational materials in our shops)
  • An overnight experience at the Museum (some of our groups have slept on Mayflower II and our Colonial and Wampanoag education sites)

Sample Workshop Schedule
We believe that in order to understand what happened in the past, we need to understand the people making the decisions. Most of our programs begin with an overview of the Wampanoag, their beliefs and way of life in the 17th century; as well as an overview of the religion, cultural background and worldview of the English Colonists. Other activities, such as working with primary sources, lectures or hands-on activities, build on this information.

Most workshops last a full day and include the cultural overviews, time to see the Museum’s sites and one or two additional activities.

Sample itinerary:

View Plimoth Plantation orientation video, Two Peoples, One Story, on the bus
Visit Mayflower II and Plymouth Rock
Travel to Plimoth Plantation
Who Are the Wampanoag: An introduction to the Wampanoag
Who Are the Pilgrims: An overview of the culture and worldview of the Pilgrims

LUNCH: Historic Dining or lunch on your own at the Patuxet Cafe

Exploring the Museum’s sites
Customized activities (can include primary source workshop, hands-on activities, or other presentations by Museum staff)
Wrap-up and discussion of incorporating content into the classroom

For more information about cost and availability, please contact (508) 746-1622 x8359 or email programservices@plimoth.org. 


Weeklong Workshops Package with New England Museums and Libraries 

New England Historic Site Collaborative (NEHSC)
Plimoth Plantation is pleased to be a part of the NEHSC, a group of nine New England historic sites, museums, and libraries collaborating on a series of weeklong teacher training programs. The programs offer a variety of hands-on, intensive and engaging experiences and explore themes of:

  • Colonial Encounters
  • The American Revolution
  • Slavery and Reform
  • 19th-century Industry 

For more information, visit the NEHSC at  or download the NEHSC workshop brochure.