Function Menus

Function menus at Plimoth Plantation

"It is around the table that friends understand best the warmth of being together." 

The acclaimed living history museum that has delighted countless visitors for nearly 70 years has also earned a reputation as a uniquely wonderful setting for celebrations and events of any kind.  And working to make every event extraordinary is Plentiful Catering & Events, a full-service exclusive catering partner with Plimoth Plantation

Make some history of your own! Let the Plentiful Catering & Events team help you create a memorable experience for you and your guests at one of the nation’s most iconic attractions.


Themed Dining -- Sample foods prepared from historical recipes as well as charming cultural foods that will make your visit an authentic experience! Eat Like a Pilgrim or try A Taste of Two Cultures to experience culinary delights from another century! 

Social Event Menus --
Showers, Corporate events, Rehearsal Dinners, Outings, Lunch and Dinner.

Whether you are looking for sophisticated, contemporary cuisine, distinctive fare inspired by historic recipes, or a menu of delicious regional foods, Plimoth Plantation's superior quality catering service will provide the best selections. Let our special event planners create and customize a unique experience that your friends and family or business group will remember for years to come. 

Call Diane Cox at (508) 746-1622, ext. 8365, or email to schedule an appointment.