Themed Dining

Themed Dining at Plimoth Plantation

For groups of 25 or more, themed dining at Plimoth Plantation is truly a unique experience.

Enjoy17th Century ricipes with our Food Historian or  a harvest dinner with the Pilgrims - all on some of the most beautiful grounds in Massachusetts. 

While the venue is completely unexpected, the culinary artistry and service is reassuringly certain, with the exacting quality we are known for. Against the beautiful backdrop of the Eel River and Cape Cod Bay, you will have a wonderful time dining with us.

Choose from a unique selection of themed dining events:

Eat Like a Pilgrim

Learn the 17th-century table manners that the Pilgrims brought to Plymouth. You will don napkins, eat without a fork and discover how Myles Standish ate his porridge. Dinner includes a Plimoth Plantation Culinary Historian providing commentary and interpretation.

A Taste of Two Cultures

Sample a combination of both Native and Pilgrim cuisine

Wampanoag Social Feast 

Enjoy a traditional Native meal while socializing with your guests

New England harvest feast

Take a savory journey into the past. An evening of entertainment and hospitality awaits you as you sit down to a 17th century meal filled with the finest food that the season of plenty has to offer. Your modern host will guide you through your meal while visitors from the past and historians from today answer your questions about England and Plymouth old and new. During dinner, you will be entertained with centuries-old psalms and songs. Perhaps you could be convinced to join in singing a round or two?