New England Harvest Feast

Take a savory journey into the past. An evening of entertainment and hospitality awaits you as you sit down to a 17th century meal filled with the finest food that this season of plenty has to offer. Your modern host will guide you through your meal. Visitors from the past and experts from today will answer your questions about England and Plymouth old and new. During dinner, you will be entertained with centuries-old psalms and songs. Perhaps you will be convinced to join n singing a round or two!




Cheate Bread and Butter


A Sallet
Mussels Seeth'd with Parsley and Beer
A Dish of Turkey, Sauc'd
A Pottage of Cabbage, Leeks & Onions
A Sweet Pudding of Native Corn


Stew'd Pompion
A Chine of Pork, Roast'd
Fricassee of Fish
Cheesecake made with spice and dried fruit
A Charger of Holland Cheese & Fruit


Reserve Tickets: November 7, November 14, November 21, November 22, November 25, November 27, November 28

Prices are subject to change.  All food and beverage is subject to a 20% administrative fee and applicable state and local tax. The administrative fee does not represent a tip or service charge paid directly to wait staff, employees or bartenders; but is a charge to cover our operational costs and no additional gratuity is required