Historical Dining

Combine Plimoth Plantation's expertise on 17th-century history with outstanding culinary resources, all in a beautiful ocean-side setting and you'll have an event you just couldn't have anywhere but here. 

Choose from these popular options:

Eat Like a Pilgrim

If there were no forks in the 17th century, what did the Pilgrims use? All ages will enjoy a fun and educational experience hosted by a Museum educator that will offer them a slice of 17th-century life.

Sliced Turkey with Onion Sauce
Stewed Pompion (squash)
Sweet Indian Corn Pudding
Charger of Cheese & Fruit
Cheate Bread with Butter
Apple Cider

A Taste of Two Cultures

What happened when two cultures met along New England's shores?  The way we eat today is influenced by the cultures that met 400 years ago. Step back in time and enjoy traditional English and Native foods. Hosted by a Museum educator

Turkey: Sauced Two Ways (on side)
Stewed Squash
Cheate Bread with Butter
Carrot Sop
Mint Tea with Blueberries

Wampanoag Social Feast

Sit down together family style and enjoy a classic Wampanoag meal featuring fresh seasonal ingredients. Hosted by a Museum educator.

         Venison Stew
         Sliced Turkey with Sunflower Seed Sauce (on side)
         Seasonal Squash
         Mashed Kidney Beans
         Mint Tea with blueberries


Minimum of 25 guests

All food and beverage prices are subject to a 20% administrative fee and applicable state and local tax. The adminstrative fee does not represent a tip or service charge paid directly to wait staff, employeees or bartenders: but is a charge to cover our operational costs and no additinal gratuity is required.