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Be Part of History in your Community! 

Do you have an open mind and enjoy engaging with people who share a common passion for history, lifelong learning, and community engagement? Join Plimoth Patuxet's Volunteer & Museum Guides Program!  Volunteers & Museum Guides work in support of and alongside our staff fulfilling the Museum's mission to provide powerful personal encounters with history. They are: 

  • Guides on the Living History exhibits
  • Caretakers of historic gardens and landscapes
  • Greeters, golf cart drivers, and ushers at the Plimoth Cinema
  • Makers & innovators in the Marine Shop and at the Plimoth Grist Mill
  • Special programs and event support
  • Behind-the-scenes alongside our curators and historians

and so much more...

Volunteer opportunities at Plimoth Patuxet are available based on departments’ needs, and therefore not only opportunities may be available at all times. Each opportunity is different and may require its own unique blend of skills and experience. Many do not require a formal history background. All Volunteers & Museum Guides should be curious, enthusiastic, and eager to learn new things. The volunteer schedule is flexible and includes seasonal and weekend shifts. 

How do I become a volunteer at Plimoth Patuxet?

Complete and submit the online volunteer application. You will receive acknowledgment of your application within one week. Please note: Due to the volume of applications received, only those applicants selected for interviews will be contacted. New Volunteer Orientation & Training will be offered twice a year in the spring and fall. 

If you are interested in group volunteering through a school, business, or community organization including Boy or Girl Scouts, please contact volunteers@plimoth.org

Please contact volunteers@plimoth.org with any additional questions or to inquire if the volunteer opportunity you are interested in is currently accepting applications. 

Volunteer Orientation & Training 

Plimoth Patuxet's Volunteers and Museum Guides make friends, learn something new, and have fun doing it! All new volunteers participate in a once-weekly, 6 week Volunteer Orientation & Training program. Each session usually lasts just under two hours. New Volunteer Orientation & Training will be offered twice a year in the spring and fall. 

Volunteer Orientation & Training Schedule SAMPLE

Please contact volunteers@plimoth.org with any questions or if you would like further information.  

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities at Plimoth Patuxet are available based on departments’ needs, and therefore not only opportunities may be available at all times. Some volunteer opportunities may require an in-person interview. 

Museum Clean-Up Day 

Join staff for an annual open volunteer event as we get the Museum ready for the new season, tackling everything from raking to painting to exhibit set-up and much more! Click here for more information. 

Museum Guides 

Museum Guides are passionate about history and delight in sharing their knowledge with thousands of guests each year! Museum Guides work in the living history exhibits (including the 17th-century English Village, Wampanoag Homesite, and Plimoth Grist Mill) answering guests' questions about the Indigenous and Colonial communities who lived along these shores of change in the 1600s from a modern, 21st-century perspective. 

Guest Services Volunteers & Golf Cart Drivers

Guest Services volunteers greet people from near and far, assist with wayfinding, and help guests discover our shared histories. Flexible weekday and weekend shifts are available.

Horticulture Volunteers

Horticulture Volunteers care for the Museum’s 120-acre campus which includes 17th and 20th-century historic, border, and perennial gardens as well as off-season work in the greenhouses. Horticulture Volunteers also help out during the annual Heirloom Plant Sale alongside Museum staff.

Garden Guides

Garden Guides are passionate about plants, their propagation, and their historical uses in both traditional Indigenous and colonial English gardens and landscapes. They delight in sharing their knowledge with over 300,000 guests each year! Garden Guides work in the living history exhibits (including the 17th-century English Village, Wampanoag Homesite, and Craft Center) answering guests’ garden and plant-related questions from a modern, 21st-century perspective.   

Plimoth Cinema Ushers

Share your love of movies as a volunteer with Plimoth Cinema, the South Shore's only art-house cinema. Volunteers support cinema operations by helping with concessions and keeping the theatres ready for their close-up before enjoying the film themselves. 


Submit your Volunteer & Museum Guide Hours

Need a paper volunteer hours log? Email volunteers@plimoth.org or call (508) 746-1622 x8287.



2019 Volunteer of the Year Award

Congratulations, John COok! 

On December 11, 2019 Executive Director Ellie Donovan presented the Volunteer of the Year Award to John Cook at Plimoth Patuxet's annual Volunteer Appreciation Party. Museum staff paid tribute to John's passion for a commitment to the Museum's educational mission. Their remarks are adapted below. 

"As a Museum Guide, John is wonderful to work with. He is there at the Fort every Thursday, without fail, come rain, wind, snow, sleet, or sunshine, greeting our guests with a welcoming smile and helpful insights into the world of the Pilgrims. It always brightened my day when John would stop by on his morning rounds, as he went house to house, checking in on who was working and what was going on that day. After he broke his hip, John was back in action as soon as he was able, heading up to the Fort every Thursday, cane in hand, ready to welcome guests. He even took care to schedule his most recent surgery after the Museum closed for the season -- talk about dedication!" 

John’s wife Joanne is also a warm presence at the Museum, jumping in to help with the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Free Fun Friday, and Thanksgiving festivities. Together, the two of them have been staunch supporters of the mission of Plimoth Patuxet, and wonderful ambassadors of the Museum. 

We are so grateful and look forward to all that is to come."