Planned Giving

Keep History Alive – Planning for Plimoth Plantation’s Future 

Planned giving offers the opportunity to make a gift that is a lasting statement of your support and belief in Plimoth Plantation. A planned gift simply means making the decision today to provide a gift for the Museum that may not be realized until after your lifetime. The gift you plan now, which will ultimately affect your estate, allows you to create your personal legacy, ensuring that the history, scholarship, inspiration and beauty of Plimoth Plantation will continue well into the future. 

We will work closely and confidentially with you and your Certified Financial Advisors as you consider which gift option is right for your particular situation.  For more information on making a planned gift, please contact:

Ellie Donovan
Executive Director
508-746-1622 ext. 8362 

If you have already named Plimoth Plantation as a beneficiary of your estate, retirement plan, or other planned gift, please let us know through our online form so that we can welcome you as a member of our Legacy Society. Click here to inform us of your planned gift.


Some of the most popular ways of making a planned gift are outlined below:


A bequest is a gift made through a will or living trust. Affordable for everyone, no matter what the size of your estate, a bequest can be accomplished either through a new will or a codicil, an addition that changes or adds provisions to an existing will. A bequest to the Museum can reduce estate taxes for your heirs.  


Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is an individually managed trust that pays the beneficiary(ies) an income for life, with the Museum receiving the remainder. It can be funded with cash, appreciated securities or real estate, providing current tax benefits as well as reducing estate costs for your heirs. 


Individual Retirement Account

Combined estate and income taxes can significantly deplete your retirement account. By naming  Plimoth Plantation as the beneficiary of your retirement plan, you will minimize the income tax liability and reduce estate taxes for your heirs. 


Life Insurance 

You can contribute a fully paid-up life insurance policy to Plimoth Plantation or name the Museum as the beneficiary in a new or existing policy.  An outright gift of an insurance policy allows you to receive immediate tax benefits, while naming the Museum as the beneficiary of a policy will result in possible estate tax savings. 


Real Estate

Homes, vacation homes and investment property are often a significant part of an individual’s net worth. You can donate property in full or deed the remainder interest in your home, retaining rights to live on your property for life. A gift of real estate allows you to make an extraordinary contribution to the Museum while alleviating potential taxes, brokers’ fees and management costs.