Practical Questions for Visiting

When is the best time to visit plimoth pATUXET?

It is always a great time to visit! We are open 7 days a week from mid-April through the end of November. Check our calendar for exact dates. Museum visitation is at its peak Wednesdays through Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. during the school year. Summer days are always bustling, and November is the busiest time of all! 

What do I need to know to have the best possible visit to Plimoth Patuxet? 

You will get the most out of your visit by asking questions of the staff. If you are feeling shy, listen in on conversations between other guests and staff. Your active participation will really shape your experience at Plimoth Patuxet.

How much does it cost to visit? 

There are a variety of ticket options suited to your interest and length of visit. Heritage Passes are the best value. These passes allow you to visit all three of our locations, 1) the main museum site known as Plimoth Patuxet which is 3 miles south of downtown Plymouth, and 2) the newly restored Mayflower II reproduction ship, and 3) the Plimoth Grist Mill. We also offer Combination tickets that allow you a choice of two sites at a reduced rate. Single site tickets offer admission to all sites individually. Specially priced tickets for families, seniors, and groups are also available. Please see our Admissions page for details.

Are pets allowed at Plimoth Patuxet?

Service animals welcome! Plimoth Patuxet restricts admission of animals to service animals only for both the safety of our guests and our Rare Breeds animals (that will be encountered while visiting our outdoor sites!) This policy also serves to protect your pets from becoming overwhelmed or injured in a new environment to which they are not accustomed. In addition, we ask that you do not leave your pet in the car on hot days. Please plan ahead and make sure you have made suitable arrangements for your furry (or feathered or scaled!) friend before visiting. There are a number of animal care facilities located in the Plymouth area. A quick Google search is sure to provide you with a reputable animal caregiver!

Does the museum accept credit cards? Is there an ATM nearby? 

Yes. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. For your convenience, there is an ATM in the Visitor Center. 

How long does it take to visit? 

Guests should allow at least 2.5 hours for their visit to Plimoth Patuxet. A full day can be spent visiting all of our sites.

What are the museum's operating hours? 

Plimoth Patuxet is open seven days a week, from mid-April through the Sunday after Thanksgiving. For more detailed information about our operating hours, please see our Hours & Pricing page. Please note, while the Visitor Center at Plimoth Patuxet is open 9-5, our living history sites open at 9:15 and the last tickets are sold about 30 minutes prior to closing. Tickets are sold from 9am up to 30 minutes prior to closing for Plimoth Grist Mill and Mayflower II.

Where should I park? 

At Plimoth Patuxet, plenty of free parking is available in our main lot, overflow lot, and bus lot. There is metered parking at the Plymouth waterfront when you visit the waterfront exhibit. There is free public parking at the Plimoth Grist Mill lot and street parking can be found on Summer Street.  For details, please see our Parking & Accessibility page.

How will I know where to go once I arrive? 

When you buy your ticket at Plimoth Patuxet, you will receive a self-guided tour map in the visitor center.

At Plimoth Grist Mill, you will receive a site map when you buy your ticket. Your tour is self-guided as you interact with our knowledgeable staff.

At both locations staff members are available to answer your questions or suggest alternate routes suitable to your needs and interests.

How much walking will I have to do? 

Visiting the Wampanoag Homesite, the 17th-Century English Village, the Crafts Center, and the Nye Barn requires about a half a mile of walking over uneven terrain. At Mayflower II, you will be walking on decks that can be slippery in wet weather. We suggest that our guests wear comfortable shoes, drink lots of water, and protect themselves from the sun.

How difficult is it to get around? 

Some visitors will find certain sites difficult to access. Many of the pathways in and around the 17th-Century English Village and the Wampanoag Homesite are steep or unpaved. Site maps highlighting the most accessible routes are also available by request at Guest Services. Please see our Parking and Accessibility page for details.

Are there places to sit throughout Plimoth Patuxet? 

Yes. There are benches on the walkways outside the Visitor Center. You may also sit and rest on the chairs and benches in the 17th-Century English Village. At the Wampanoag Homesite, there are comfortable seating areas inside the traditional Wampanoag houses. Plimoth Grist Mill has seating both indoors and out. Mayflower II has places to sit within the dockside exhibit area.

Should I bring a stroller? 

Yes. Jogging strollers work best on the rough terrain at Plimoth Patuxet. There is a stroller ramp located to the right of the main archway and stairs in the upper parking lot. 

Is there a best time to visit? 

The Museum is open in the spring, summer and fall, and each season has something unique to offer — budding gardens, corn planting, harvesting, and cozy fires are just a few of the highlights. It is often less crowded in the springtime than the summer and fall.

During the school year, many schoolchildren take part in our educational programs. The majority of schools visit in the morning, so during the peak field trip seasons (May-June and October-November) our sites tend to be less crowded in the afternoon.

What should I wear during my visit? 

Coastal New England weather is highly changeable. It is a good idea to bring water, sunscreen, and a brimmed hat for hot and sunny days. For cold or wet days, bring rain jackets, an extra sweatshirt, umbrellas, and comfortable waterproof shoes.

Where can I buy food? 

At Plimoth Patuxet, a unique selection of food is available for purchase at the Plentiful Café in the Visitor Center. Seating is available both indoors and outdoors. There are a variety of restaurants, including fast food options, within walking distance of Plimoth Grist Mill and Mayflower II.

May I buy 17th-century food? 

You will find a taste of 17th-century foods at our Plentiful Café. Historical themed dinners and luncheons are available by reservation.

How do I find out about what is going on at Plimoth Patuxet? 

Plimoth Patuxet offers daily hands-on activities. There are also special events during the season. Please see our Calendar of Events for information about these special programs.

May I visit the museum dressed as a "Pilgrim" or an "Indian?" 

We ask that you do not wear costumes while visiting Plimoth Patuxet. Guests in costume cause confusion for other visitors who may not be able to distinguish the costumed guest from our employees. Also, many Native people consider it a sign of disrespect that those not of their Native communities and Nations wear traditional Indigenous dress.

Are The downtown exhibits and Plimoth Plantation within walking distance of one another? 

No. We do not advise guests to walk between the sites, as the distance between Plimoth Patuxet and Plimoth Grist Mill is about 3 miles. It’s best to make the 10-minute drive by car or use public transportation. Please check our Directions page and the local bus schedule.

Are all the staff I meet going to be role playing? 

No, you’ll encounter a variety of different interpretation styles as you move from site to site. Here's what you can expect:

  • At the Wampanoag Homesite: Native people in traditional clothing who speak from a modern perspective (not role players)
  • At the Craft Center: modern-day staff discussing and demonstrating a variety of 17th-century technologies (not role players)
  • At the 17th-Century English Village: Living History Educators portraying English colonists.

May I take pictures or videotape? 

Yes. We encourage you to take photographs or use video cameras for your personal use. However, commercial use of photographs or videotape is prohibited without permission from our Public Relations office. Please contact or call (508) 746-1622 ext. 8206.

Are cellphones allowed at Plimoth Plantation?

Yes. And we welcome you to take photos and videos and share them your friends on your favorite social media sites. Become a fan of Plimoth Patuxet on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and join our online community.

Are there gift shops at Plimoth PAtuxet? 

In the Visitor Center you will find our main Museum Shop, Native American Museum Shop, and Children's Shop. There are also shops at the Craft Center and adjacent to Mayflower II, as well as Plimoth Grist Mill. These shops present a wide range of unique items ranging from 17th-century reproductions to books, children's toys, souvenirs, gourmet food, jewelry, apparel and gifts.

Shopping with us will provide you with some wonderful and desirable items, while helping to support the Museum’s mission. Proceeds from sales help fund our educational programs and museum exhibits.

You can also shop from the convenience of your home or office, using our year-round, easy-to-use online shop.

What else is there to do in and around the town of Plymouth?

There is much to do in and around Plymouth. Many guests spend more than one day in Plymouth, visiting not only Plimoth Patuxet, but also the many shops, restaurants, attractions and cultural institutions in the area. For a listing of what to see and do, please go to our Around Plymouth page, or visit Destination Plymouth.